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Imagine Pink Floyd Met The Chemical Brothers On A Big Night Out,

Had A Sordid Love Affair Which Produced Triplets, Thats The Lords Of Misrule.

Live Performance at Glastonbury Abbey, August 2022

The Lords of Misrule is a weird and wonderful collaboration based around Glastonbury in Somerset. We aim to create, record and play live a wide range of psychedelic sounds from beautiful soundscapes to kicking dance anthems with the addition of culturally defining poetry. Our Music is available to stream and purchase on all the main online stores.

Find us on the Festival Circuit.


John Lime AKA The Lord Of Fruit

John likes to think of himself as the rock god of the band until he has to sit down and rest. Production, Keys and Guitar are his mainstay.

Andrew Gowland AKA The Lord Of Reality

Beat and production specialist Andrew has been creating electronic music for longer than anyone cares to remember, he provides much needed class and subtlety for the Lords. He also recently built his own guitar.

Tansy Frank AKA The Lady Of Words

Tansy is one of Glastonbury's foremost performance poets. With a blatant disregard for deadlines, Tansy balances Andrew’s class and subtlety by bringing graceless chaos and eventually poetry, words and vocals.

The Lords Of Misrule's Latest Releases:

Transitions, The Lords of Misrule's 7th Studio Album which marked a small change with the addition of vocals and a more prog rock feel. John (The Lord of Fruit) had made a chance text message 'Meet me where the river meets the sea', which got him thinking about the transitions in our lives geographical, spiritual, political, metaphysical, personal and thus Transitions as a concept was born.

New Album 'Adverse Camber' coming in 2024.

The full Lords Of Misrule catalogue can be found on all the major streaming services and at their Bandcamp page HERE

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