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DJ & Producer

John was born in Sydney, Australia in 1971 to an English father and Cypriot mother, his family relocated to England very soon after his birth and John grew up in Kent.


At 15 John began DJing with mobile discos and at one-off parties. Around this time John started his love affair with House music with the emergence of the original Chicago House, snapping up huge amounts of 12" imports by such names as JM Silk, Farley Jackmaster Funk, Ralphi Rosario, Model 500, Rhythym is Rhythym, Adonis, Raze, and many more.


Moving to Scotland in 1991 to attend University, John developed his mixing skills concentrating on Progressive House & Trance. Playing regularly at The Robbins Student Centre and Rainbow Rocks nightclub in Stirling, John began to establish himself as one of the new wave of dance DJ's on the Scottish club scene.


In 1996 John moved to Scotland's capital, Edinburgh. Here he continued playing succesful nights in various venues around the city including Moray House, Wilkie House, La Belle Angel and the famed Cafe Graffiti.

In 2004 John took a break from DJing, selling his trusty Technics 1210's. In 2007 he relocated to Cyprus and once again began establishing himself as one of the leading DJ's on the island. Now using solely digital equipment, John had seen the development of DJ software change from strictly a bedroom phenomenon to a fully fledged pro platform for today's DJ.

Now after 10 years of sessions around Cyprus playing venues in Ayia Napa, Larnaca, Nicosia and Limassol John has returned to the UK. Based in Somerset, John is providing uplifiting nights of Funk, House & Psy-Trance for the UK scene.

Psy Trance DJ. Funk DJ. House DJ.
Latest Mixes

John has written and produced a wide variety of tunes from the calmest ambient through to some pretty heavy riffage. Check out The Lords Of Misrule page for his current original music project.

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